Mr. Danny Blouin

Danny BlouinMr. Danny Blouin is a senior expert who coaches leaders in building performing teams in highly competitive markets. With over 20 years of experience in telecom at the senior management level, Mr. Blouin possesses a sound understanding of the challenges that operators in the telecommunications industry are currently facing.

Mr. Blouin's previous positions include Marketing Director at Telus (n1 mobile operator in Canada), and various Sales & Marketing senior management positions at Bell Canada and at different telecom products companies.

As an independent consultant for the past few years, Mr. Blouin specializes in strategic planning, business development, marketing and sales. He has built business plans and executed them for companies with financial performance challenges, and has also built and executed a global marketing plan for a telecom switching solution provider.

With Neotelis, Mr. Blouin trains telecom operator staff on strategy, leadership, marketing & sales and customer experience. He has delivered sessions of the Mini MBA in Telecommunications as well as courses on marketing, sales, product management, pricing and customer experience for operators in The Middle East and in Africa.

Mr. Blouin holds a Bachelor in Marketing from University of Quebec in Trois-Rivieres (UQTR) in Canada and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in International Management & Information Systems from HEC in Canada. Mr. Blouin is fluent in both French and English.