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In the ever-changing and highly competitive world of telecommunications, up-to-date employees are critical to success. In order to empower telecom organizations, Neotelis offers over 125 Training Courses in the key areas of the telecommunications sector.
Our successful approach is based on a unique team of trainers and a proven methodology that combines a balanced mix of theory and practice: presentations, case studies, hands-on workshops and live discussions on participants' business realities.
In order to meet the needs of its clients, Neotelis offers a variety of training-related services.

Public Training Courses (Training Calendar)
Each year, Neotelis organizes a calendar of Public Training Courses which are offered in different cities at different dates. The current year's calendar is available in the Training Calendar section of the Services Directory.

Private Training Courses (Trainings on request)
Neotelis also provides Private Training Courses held at the location and in the format of your choice. Private Training Courses are provided on request and can be 'off-the-shelf' (existing content) or customized to meet the specific needs of your organization. The list of 'off-the-shelf' courses is available in the Training on Request section of the Services Directory. A list in PDF format can be downloaded using the 'Print the List of Training Courses' button on the same page.
Public and Private Training Courses in 4 different formats
  • Face-to-Face Training: an annual public calendar of training courses as well as client-specific private programs
  • Virtual Classroom Training: the advantages of Neotelis' interactive Face-to-Face Training — live at a distance
  • e-Learning Training: self-paced training via Kneoledge,the Neotelis Learning Management System — when you want, where you want
  • Hybrid Training: training courses incorporating Face-to-Face, Virtual Classroom and e-Learning Training

Our Face-to-Face Public Training Courses are held in vibrant, world-class cities:

Training Planning
Neotelis can also assist customers with training planning. We can help you in developing competency frameworks, conducting gap analysis and in designing developmental programs for different departments within your organization.

Leadership Development Programs
In addition, we have experience in designing and delivering multi-faceted leadership programs, including components such as training courses, one-to-one coaching, 360° evaluations, on-the-job experiences (in-house projects), and team-building activities.

Neotelis Learning Units

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All Neotelis Trainings allow participants to receive Neotelis Learning Units (NLU) that meet rigorous and internationally recognized standards.
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