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REG-110 Best Regional Practices Workshop for Caribbean Regulators

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The telecom world is evolving. Digital transformation is changing consumer habits and regulators must ensure an equitable telecom environment that responds to the needs of consumers and other stakeholders. It is thus essential for Caribbean regulators to understand current regulatory issues and approaches for dealing with those issues.

Neotelis' 5-day Workshop provides a unique opportunity for regulators to acquire regional best practices in telecom regulation while sharing knowledge and experiences with other regulators in the region.

The Workshop combines dynamic presentations by a regulatory expert with significant experience in the Caribbean and interactive activities such as Case Studies, Workshops on real-life situations faced by the participants and Sessions dedicated to sharing of experiences on key topics.
Learning Outcomes
At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
  • Identify market trends impacting the telecom market and its regulation in the Caribbean
  • Discuss current regulatory challenges faced by Caribbean regulators with respect to digital transformation
  • Discuss best practice approaches to regulation of competition, interconnection and access, spectrum allocation and roaming being applied by Caribbean regulators
  • Make use of current regional approaches to regulation of VoIP and OTT services, IoT, IPTV and consumer protection


The training course covers the following topics:
  • Global telecom trends and impacts on the Caribbean
    • Global trends and regional market evolution
    • New and evolving players
    • Key services
    • Challenges and opportunities for Caribbean operators and regulators
  • Experience Sharing Roundtable: Key trends and impacts in the Caribbean
    • What do you see as the key telecom and ICT trends in the region?
    • What are the key opportunities presented by these trends and impacts?
    • What are the impacts and challenges for operators and regulators?
  • Regulation in the region today
    • Workshop: Where are we? – Each participant provides a short overview of the telecom industry status in its country
  • Experience Sharing Roundtable: Regulatory priorities
    • What are the regulatory priorities in my country? Why?
    • How are the regulatory priorities established?
    • What programs are being put in place to progress on those priorities?


  • Regulation and competition
    • Evolution of competition policy frameworks in the region
      • Ex-ante versus ex-post approaches
    • Regulatory interventions to deal with SMP
    • Market entry strategies to increase competition
    • Structural remedies - functional and structural separation
    • Workshop: Do structural remedies increase competition?
    • Enforcement
  • Experience Sharing Roundtable: Stimulating Competition
    • What key measures have been taken to promote a competitive marketplace?
    • Why were these measures chosen?
    • What results are showing the market? (network rollout, pricing, market shares, new services, etc.
  • Digital transformation and OTT in Caribbean markets
    • Digital transformation
    • Evolution of OTT - shift to OTT and market power
    • Revisiting net neutrality and undue preference
    • Regulating OTT and platform-based competition
    • Case Study: Regulation of VoIP
  • Experience Sharing Roundtable: Dealing with OTT
    • How OTT has impacted their national market
    • Existing and developing regulatory initiatives to deal with OTT
  • Regulatory reform: a possible model
    • Workshop: Rethinking regulation in a digital world
  • Broadband, wireless and spectrum policy
    • Different regulation of mobile and increased intervention
    • Barriers to entry
    • Importance of spectrum for mobile broadband
    • Evolution to 5G
    • Shift in spectrum allocation policy and its impacts
  • Experience Sharing Roundtable: Spectrum policy in the Caribbean
    • How is spectrum policy evolving in their countries to support competition?
    • How is spectrum policy supporting the deployment of mobile broadband?
    • Does regulatory intervention impact investment by operators?
  • Roaming
    • Regulatory principles and approaches in the Caribbean
  • Experience Sharing Roundtable: Roaming challenges
      • Update on roaming regulation in their country
      • Results of regulatory intervention
      • Ongoing challenges with roaming and potential solutions
  • Case study: Industry Frets over Impacts of EU Roaming Regulation
  • Interconnection and access regulation
    • Ongoing relevance of interconnection and access
    • Regulator's role
    • Access regulation - unbundling
    • Mobile termination
    • Interconnection costing and pricing
      • Workshop: Interconnection pricing - Is LRIC the only effective way to set interconnection fees? Under what circumstances could benchmarking be appropriate?
  • Experience Sharing Roundtable: Access regulation
    • State of access regulation in participants countries
    • Should existing access regulation be applied in the same way to new fibre to the home networks?
    • Could regulatory intervention impact investment by operators?
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Introduction to IoT
    • IoT and national strategies
    • Mobile IoT and 5G
    • Opportunities for operators
    • Regulating the IoT
  • Experience Sharing Roundtable: IoT and M2M regulation
    • Current national initiatives with respect to IoT
    • Views on IoT regulation from participant countries
  • IPTV/streaming video
    • IPTV - the next big thing
    • Video as opportunity for mobile network providers
    • Regulatory issues
  • What cannot be left to competition and market forces
    • National ICT strategies
      • National broadband plan initiatives across the region
      • Case Study: Comparison of national broadband plans
    • Consumer protection
      • Privacy and data protection
      • EU GDPR and its impacts
      • Data protection and IoT
  • Experience Sharing Roundtable: Consumer protection
    • Consumer protection measures in place or being put in place in participant countries such as: emergency services requirements, contractual measures, consent, treatment of customer data, dispute resolution mechanisms for consumers
    • Data protection roadblocks for IoT
  • Experience Sharing Roundtable:
    • Key regulatory challenges for the next 3-5 years


A combination of engaging activities and dynamic presentations to stimulate and maximize participants' learning.



A selection of Neotelis' training courses is held in various cities around the world. Please contact us at training@neotelis.com for the complete Yearly Training Calendar.


Neotelis can also deliver in-house sessions of this course specifically for your organization. Please contact us at training@neotelis.com for more information and a Proposal.

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From 9 to 13 April 2018
Nassau, Bahamas

3995 $

Includes tuition, material, online access (Virtual Classroom/e-Learning Trainings) and lunches/refreshments during the course (Face-to-Face Trainings).
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Friday 2 March 2018
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  • Face-to-Face
This has been a fantastic training. We should do more of this type of training to get a better competitive edge.
A great training experience. One of the most relevant in my career!
Overall, a very good program that I would highly recommend.
A great training experience.
Excellent from beginning to end. The trainer has the touch.
It was extremely helpful & has enhanced my job performance.
Neotelis is always good. And the trainer brought it to another level.