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MGT-204 Mini MBA in Telecommunications (Virtual Classroom)

Mini MBA in Telecom
“The course overachieved expectations & was most appreciated”, E.J., MTN South Africa

Acquire the Cross-functional Knowledge, Skills and Techniques to Excel in Telecommunications Management with Neotelis' Mini MBA in Telecommunications

This content will be adapted for delivery in a virtual classroom.

The telecommunications industry is becoming ever more global and competitive. Success in telecom requires sharp, business-savvy management teams and sound business management principles. The Mini MBA in Telecommunications covers the areas essential for organizational and personal success in telecommunications.


Attend Neotelis' Mini MBA in Telecommunications to learn the key business practices and managerial skills required to increase your contribution to the success of your organization and reach your personal goals.


An intensive 4 half-days training course to provide participants with the cross-functional knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to excel in telecommunications management. The objective of the training course is to focus on real business, technology and telecommunication industry issues.

The course offers participants an opportunity to further master the management and business skills relevant to today's telecommunications industry. Through lectures, interactive working sessions and business cases relevant to the telecom environment, the training course ensures that participants understand key business best practices and helps develop their managerial skills to reach personal and professional goals and increase their contribution to the success of their organization.

The course covers new and evolving topics in the telecom industry including 5G, IoT, SDN, NFV, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain and many others, and highlights their impacts on telecom regulations, policies, and business models of operators as well as the challenges and opportunities.

The learning will be acquired while applying these skills to a “real world” business simulation that runs throughout the Mini MBA training course: the 360º Executive Case. The 360 Executive Case will be completed in teams and will be based on a business situation pulled from the headlines of today's telecom sector.

Learning Outcomes

Develop Your Competencies in Key Areas and Acquire Essential Skills


*Note: the course structure may be subject to change as trainings are updated on a regular basis.
A comprehensive look at the current telecom sector with a focus on the latest telecom technologies and services and the opportunities and challenges they create

360° Executive Case: Telecom Operators - Enablement or Innovation? – Introduction and scenario

Global and competitive telecommunications environmentDigital transformation and market evolution
  • Digital transformation and market evolution

  • New & evolving players

  • Evolving Services – IoT, M2M, Cloud Services, AI and Blockchain

  • 5G

Workshop: A meeting with the minister

Regulatory and policy challenges and opportunities around 5G

Change management
  • Why is organizational change required?

  • The change process

  • Managing change

Case study: Enhancing the customer experience with digital - Vodafone
The competencies and tools to develop marketing and sales strategies which maximize customer satisfaction and loyalty

360° Executive Case: Telecom Operators - Enablement or Innovation? – Market & services

Marketing, strategic sales and customer experience


    • Agile service introduction
    • Strategic sales
    • Customer service & Customer experience management
    • Business Model Drivers and Challenges of 5G
    • 5G use cases

    Workshop: Analyzing stakeholder empathy maps (customers/ regulator/ competitors)

    Case Study: T -Mobile, The Un-Carrier Initiatives - Marketing analysis of a current telecom service offering

    What you need to know to make business decisions that take into account technical implications
    360° Executive Case: Telecom Operators - Enablement or Innovation? – Technical considerations & organizational impacts
    • Technology trends in networks and services
      • Converged networks, devices, broadband access technologies, SDN, NFV

      • Network evolution

        • Introduction to 5G technology

        • 5G Network deployment options

        • 5G and spectrum allocation

    • Network planning


    • Typical processes & tasks

    • GoS, QoS, SLAs, security

    • Network costing/optimization


    • Network management, monitoring and control


      • OSS & BSS

      • NOC

      • Evolving network management challenges

    • Service fulfillment and assurance

      • Network inventory

      • Service provisioning

      • Order handling

      • Service configuration and activation

      • Service assurance and real time analytics


    Case study: Residential project network deploymentWorkshop: Comparison of different approaches to rolling out 5G

    The tools and skills for successful strategic planning and financial analyses leading to sound business decisions

    360° Executive Case: Telecom Operators - Enablement or Innovation? – Final preparation

    Strategic thinking and planning
    • Strategic planning process
    • Environment scanning/assessment
    • Corporate vision, missions & objectives
    • Business portfolio evaluation
    • Strategy formulation
    • Implementation
    Financial Management
    • Budget and control
    • Costing
    • Risk: assessment and management techniques
    • Investment analysis (Business case)

    Workshop: New trans-oceanic cable system – Investment analysis

    Workshop: Team building and leadership activity



    A set of competencies to enhance your leadership and management capabilities
    360° Executive Case: Telecom Operators - Enablement or Innovation? – Management & leadershipManagement and leadership
    • The importance of competent management
    • The effective manager: skills and techniques
    • Leadership

    Workshop: Leadership style assessmentHuman resources management

    • Performance management
    • Effective employee relations
    360º Executive Case: Telecom Operators - Enablement or Innovation? - Presentations and debrief

    Target Audience

      • Telecommunications managers who want to increase their personal and professional success by gaining a good understanding of the best practices in global telecommunications management


      Neotelis Virtual Classroom Trainings combine real-time (live) Virtual Classroom sessions on a web-based videoconferencing platform with an expert trainer and off-line activities in-between live sessions. Presentations, workshops, case studies, and discussions on real-life situations faced by participants, as well as videos, whiteboards, quizzes and questionnaires are all used to engage participants and enhance their learning experience.

      The training material is designed to provide practical tools which can be immediately applied in a work environment, and the complete material is provided to all participants for future reference and follow-up action plans.

      Access to Neotelis Virtual Classroom Trainings requires a computer, a webcam, a headset and microphone and a stable internet connection.

      About Neotelis

      Neotelis provides training, consulting, conferences and publications to the telecommunications industry worldwide. Its team of senior experts has trained thousands of executives and managers working for operators, regulators, policy-makers and governments in over 120 countries around the world.

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      9-12 and 16-19 May 2022
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      A great training experience.
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