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DOC-522 The Mobile Wallet

By Wendy Swan, NeotelisMy previous article ‘Mobile Money 101', gave an overview of mobile money in its various forms – mobile banking, mobile payments, and mobile money person-to-person transfers and remittances. In this article, I want to focus in on a concept that is closely related to mobile money: the mobile wallet.
Imagine the following scenario: you enter a pharmacy and choose several items to purchase. You go to the cash, and the cashier enters your purchases. You take out your mobile smartphone, call up an application from the main screen and then tap your phone on the payment terminal sitting on the counter. Your phone then asks you for a PIN, which you enter. Your phone then comes back with a list of possible ways you can pay – Visa, Mastercard, Amex or Interac. Your phone also tells you that a discount coupon is available for one of the products that you are buying. You select the way you want to pay, and decide to accept the coupon. You touch your smartphone screen, and the payment is processed, including the discount coupon. Then the phone tells you that 25 points have been added to your loyalty account at the pharmacy. The receipt is stored in your phone, and you walk out with your purchases without ever having touched anything except your smartphone.
Yes this is the future, but it is coming and this is just one of a myriad of scenarios that become possible with a mobile wallet.

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