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MKG-131 Strategy and Management of Customer Experience in Telecom




*This course is also available as a live distance learning course*

Managing customer relationships is a major challenge for the business development of a company. In effect, it provides a means of exchange and communication between the company and its customers, with the aim of building loyalty and increasing the activity connecting them.

Companies need to make sure that they place customers at the heart of their activities. For the past few years, customer strategy has undergone full optimization, passing from the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to the Customer Experience Management (CEM) model, aiming to cover all interactions between the customer and the brand.

A 5-day Training Program which provides participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to understand customer experience and its challenges, to master customer experience variables, and to strengthen their customer relationships before and after a sale.

This program also provides participants with the necessary tools and methods to implement a customer loyalty policy, thus increasing customer satisfaction. The goal is to teach participants to better manage the components of and challenges in a customer relationship.

Learning Outcomes
At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
  • Understand the concept and its challenges
  • Understand the complexity of customers and their ambitions
  • Know how to be and act as staff in contact with customers
  • Master customer experience variables
  • Know the principles of a successful customer experience
  • Strengthen their customer relationships
  • Practice after sale customer service (CS) with customers
  • Exercise active listening techniques to respond to the customer (complaints, suggestions, feedbacks, etc.)
  • Understand the customer's business, environmental and additional needs
  • Implement a customer loyalty policy
  • Use the listening and communication techniques to give concrete answers to the customers' questions



  • Customer experience (CX) – Key principles
    • Customer Experience Definition
      • Customer experience – the journey
      • Touchpoints – optimizing interactions from the customer's perspective to build trust, loyalty and lifetime value
      • Challenges
      • Strategic goals
      • The importance of a proactive and system-wide approach to CEM to deliver an experience that sets a company apart in the eyes of its customers
      • The connection between the reduction of churn management costs and ROI
  • Main challenges of customer experience
  • Workshop: Personae
  • Workshop: Customer Journey Mapping
  • Workshop: The Tennis Ball Game

Understanding Customers

  • Customer needs and emotions
    • The CX equation and dimensions
    • The 3 stages for next-level CX
    • The hospitality quotient
  • Voice of Customers (VoC)
    • Key Concepts
    • Tools and applications
    • Definition efficient VoC programs
  • From touchpoints to customer journey
    • Customer journey vs. touchpoint
    • The accumulating effect of touchpoint experience on overall customer satisfaction
    • The power of marginal gain
    • Key KPIs (customer effort index, churn index, ROI, etc.)
  • Workshop: What is Your 1% Commitment?
  • Workshop: Netflix And The 'Wow' Factor of Customer Experience

Customer Experience Management

  • Strategic planning and CX
    • Analytics & Strategies
    • CX
      • Priorities
      • Target customers
      • The brand
  • Customer Experience Programs (CXPV)
    • VoC analysis
    • Customer journey
    • Establishment and content – Best practices
    • Governance
      • CX vs. Operational KPIs
      • Use of big data analytics
      • span style="COLOR: #0000cd">Study Case #2 – Zalando

CXM Mobilization

  • Change Management
    • Why is change so difficult?
    • Change process
  • Changing to a customer-oriented organization
    • Study Case #3: Transdev


Strengthening Your Customer Relationship – Example of a Sales Touchpoint

  • Welcoming and establishing a relationship
    • The first impression: verbal and body language
    • Identifying clues on the customer's personality
    • Giving confidence
  • Questioning and listening
    • Adapting the approach to the customer's personality
    • Efficient listening and questioning techniques
    • Identifying and “creating” needs
  • Showing and explaining
    • Sales pitch oriented towards the benefits for the customer
    • Up-selling & cross-selling
    • Focusing on high-value propositions
    • Managing objections
    • Persuasion/Influence techniques
  • Concluding the sale
    • Resolving concerns
    • Synthetizing and gaining acceptance
  • Adding complementary services/products
    • Identifying the levers of the complementary products to offer
    • Customizing propositions for each customer
  • Thanking and showing out
    • Strengthening confidence
  • Customer service
    • Building loyalty with your customers
Role Plays
  • The first impression – Developing a verbal and body language to build confidence
  • Using active listening/questioning techniques and managing objections
  • Case Study: Apple's Five Steps of Customer Service
  • The specific case of telecom operators' customers
    • Customer profiles
    • Brands' selection criteria
    • Typical buying behaviour
  • Practical Workshop: Profile of The Different Types of Customers For MTN Côte d'Ivoire
  • Being responsive to the customer
    • Identifying the issue – active listening
    • Establishing a bond of trust
    • The 5 “Why”s – identifying the cause of the issue
    • Key steps in problem solving
    • Knowing when to transfer situations to the back-office
  • Practical Workshop: Applying The Key Steps in Problem Solving
  • The importance of service quality for customers in agencies
    • Brand image
    • Company revenues
    • Customer loyalty
    • Customer feedback (claims, feedbacks, suggestions, etc.)

Mesure of customer experience

  • Data strategy principles
    • Relevance of data
    • Depth of data
    • The speed of Data
  • The future of data gathering
  • The 6 pillars of B2B customer experience excellence
  • Transforming your B2B experience
Role Play
  • Customer Service Relationship – Building Loyalty With The Customer
  • Practical Workshop: Developing an Engagement Strategy For The Customer Relationship Stakeholders an Action Plans

Target Audience

  • Service Center Representatives, Enterprise Business Unit Sales & Account Management and Territory Sales Coordinators
  • Managers and Senior Managers from all commercial departments


A combination of engaging activities and dynamic presentations to stimulate and maximize participants' learning.



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