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MKG-104 Best Practices in Interconnection


*This course is also available as a live distance learning course*

A 5-day training course to provide participants with the key concepts and important principles of the interconnection of telecom networks, including best practices to manage the commercial, administrative, operational and regulatory aspects of interconnection.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Use best practices in costing, billing, testing and other areas to develop and manage profitable interconnections
  • Develop a Reference Interconnection Offer and complete interconnection agreement
  • Analyze the different issues and challenges that operators and service providers face with wired, mobile and IP interconnection and use best practices to face these challenges


*Note: the course structure may be subject to change as trainings are updated on a regular basis.

Day 1

Interconnection today


  • Telecom industry transformation
  • Ongoing importance of interconnection
  • Key concepts
  • Perspectives on interconnection
  • Main considerations in interconnection
  • Wholesale services


Billing processes and procedures


  • Full invoicing
  • Data reconciliation
  • New settlement issues
  • Revenue assurance and fraud


Workshop #1 – Interconnection challenges

Day 2

Managing interconnection for business results

Interconnection agreements


  • Content
  • Dispute resolution


Workshop #2: Interconnection agreements

Workshop #3: Negotiating with the regulator

Day 3

Reference Interconnection Offers (RIO)


  • Regulatory context
  • RIO overview
  • Content and services offered


Workshop #4: Reference Interconnect Offers (RIOs)

Day 4

Cost modeling


  • Cost modeling – wholesale services
  • Long Run Incremental Costing (LRIC)
  • Cost modeling concerns


Workshop #5: Cost modelling issues

Day 5

Fixed, mobile and IP interconnection


  • Fixed/mobile interconnection
  • Roaming
  • IP concepts and terminology
  • The internet
  • IP interconnection


Other types of interconnection

Workshop #6: Interconnection challenges ahead

Target Audience

  • Telecommunications managers and personnel responsible for national and/or international interconnections and carrier relations
  • Billing, finance, marketing, engineering, operations and other personnel involved in interconnection-related activities
  • Managers looking to complement their skill-set by gaining a good understanding of interconnection and carrier relations


A combination of engaging activities and dynamic presentations to stimulate and maximize participants' learning.



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The structure and the flow of the module was coherent and consistent.M. A. K. (Telecom Regulatory Authority Oman)